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AlgoTraders is a research group focused on the development and the execution of systematic quantitative trading strategies. Our team is composed of highly qualified developers and scientists with advanced degrees in Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Financial Engineering, Machine Learning and Big Data.

We also aim to improve the regional level of expertise in the industry. As such, we maintain close relationships with academic institutions, staying abreast of the latest research in the field and leading workshops and seminars.

What We Do

Trade Automation

We develop software that trades autonomously in the financial markets.

Quantitative Strategies

Our models are based on the latest results from academia and the industry.

Portfolio Management

We develop customized portfolios that are mathematically balanced and stable.

Risk Management

Real-time risk evaluation allows us to instantaneously react to the market.

Big Data and A.I.

We build decision support systems based on statistical techniques.


We advise on any problems related to big datasets and software automation.


Our team has developed a full platform for Algorithmic trading is the process of creating a trading system that utilizes advanced mathematical models to make transaction decisions in financial markets. Automated trading has greater diversification, faster reaction to market changes and no errors due to emotion-based decisions.

If you are a financial institution or family office looking to increase your portfolio of strategies, check out our latest offerings:

Why Us


We use code-reviews, unit testing, and other tools in order to garantee the highest standards.


Our privacy policy is integrated in our products in order to guarantee the maximum confidentiality.


We take pride in our work and strive to ensure transparency with our clients and partners.

Trading in Liquid Markets

Whereas Lebanon can yield high returns, foreign markets with established liquidity ensure increased diversity and safety.

Consistent Returns

Our system has proven to be a long-term investment vehicle with historically consistent and stable results.


This diversification not only buffers against risk, but allows us to generate returns in both bull and bear markets.

More than 84% of US trades are currently executed by automated software.

Financial Times

Performance of many hedge fund strategies is not dependent on the direction of the bond or equity markets.

Hedge Fund Association

A report surveyed 340 investors managing about $8 trillion in total found that investors in hedge funds are most interested in systematic/CTA funds and quant equity funds right now.

Business Insider

Emerging funds can provide better returns, better capital protection, a longer-term investment prospect, and up-to-date investment strategies, while historically, high-profile funds—in most cases—will add less value.

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